During the summer we have a swimming pool and terrace from where you can swim or just relax on the deck and gaze onto the city of Grevena and the Pindos and Kalambaka mountain ranges. The winter offers something completely different, sit next to the blazing fireplace in one of our lounges and look out over a snow covered winter wonderland! For the skiers, snowboarders and winter sports enthusiasts the Vasilitsa ski resort is only 36 kilometers away and has 5 ski lifts and 16 ski trails and is rated as one of the best ski resorts in Greece.


  • Nature...

    Being a mountainous region, Grevena, can offer a variety of recreational activities – hiking and mountain hiking, horseback riding, mountain climbing and river sports including kayaking and white water rafting. Winter sports are an important activity for the area and the excellent ski resort of Vasilitsa, offers pistes and ski trails that traverse expanses of black pine forest.

    Hikers will be astounded by the Pindos mountain range which forms a natural park with protected areas and shelters, including the Pindos National Park. Treasures like the caves of Tsoyrgiaka, stone bridges, water mills and churches add to the experience.

    Of course we have the longest river in Greece, the Aliakmonas (320 km's), coursing its way through our prefecture and adding another dimension to the natural surroundings.

  • Museums...

    Milia Museum of Natural History houses the largest prehistoric tusks ever found in the world. They are from the giant elephant species Elephas (Paleoloxodon) antiquus, found only in hot climates, with a shoulder height of 4 meters, middle-aged (about 40 years old) with characteristic straight tusks, unlike the hairy mammoth Mammuthus primigenius of glacial periods which had curved tusks. The museum has a plethora of other exhibits which show how the area has changed and developed over the centuries.

    Mushroom Museum of Lavda Grevenon opened its doors on November 6, 2011. It is situated in a traditional renovated building shows the history of this important part of local society. Written and audiovisual materials are widely available, there is also a fascinating area where you can make microscopic examinations.

  • National Parks... 

    The Northern Pindos National Park was established in 2005 and is one of eleven areas belonging to the Pan-European network of protected areas (Natura 2000).

    This is one of the largest land-based protected areas in Greece, with a total area of nearly 2 million stremmata, it combines a unique natural and man-made environmental mix. It is home to many species of flora and fauna, including almost all of the large wild mammals that can be found in Greece. The area is also very rich in historical and cultural elements. Traditional settlements, elaborate and intriguing stone arched bridges, temples and monasteries and mills can be found in the park.

  • Traditional Villages...

    Situated around the National Park "Valia Calda" and Ski Center Basilitsas are some of the prettiest villages in the prefecture of Grevena. The Avdella (home of the brothers Manakia, the first filmmakers in the Balkans) and Perivoli are two of the main summer resorts in the prefecture of Grevena. Samarina and Smiksi, famous Vlach villages, Filippaioi, Aetia, Lavda, Dotsiko and Mesoloúrion are just a few of the villages which cater especially for the winter tourists.

    The beautiful village of Spilia, which is situated at the foot of Mount Stavros is one of the oldest settlements in Western Macedonia. Another famous village is Ziaka built at an altitude of 900 meters with wonderful views of Orliakas. The famous chieftain Theodore Ziaka is from here and it is his name the village bears. Kalloni, Megaro and Kallirachi are three other very picturesque villages reminiscent of Epirus. The southwestern part of the prefecture, Kypoureio, Monachiti, Krania and the isolated Mikrolivado are defined by their alpine landscape.

  • Other Cities and Places of Interest...

    Kastoria is a city in West Macedonia, northern Greece. It is the capital of Kastoria prefecture situated on the western shores of Lake Orestiada and surrounded by mountains. It is known for its many Byzantine churches, architecture, fur clothing industry and trout fisheries.

    Metsovo can be found in Epirus, on the Pindos mountain range and was the largest centre of Vlach life in times gone by. Today Metsovo is famous for its cheeses and wines and for winter sport enthusiasts who can take advantage of the ski resort.

    Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of the Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars. The nearest town is Kalambaka which can be found on the northwestern perimeter of the Thessaly Plain, close to the Pindos mountain range and the Pineios river. Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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